Fotografii ale deţinuţilor

The creation of the Sighet Museum was preceded and then supported by the activity of the International Centre for Studies into Communism.  It gathered oral history, as well as collecting, in parallel, documents, photographs, and realia for use in the museum rooms housed in more than fifty-six cells of the former prison.
The Museum, which is often confused with the Memorial, is the creation of the Centre for Studies into Communism.
Created in 1993 by Ana Blandiana and Romulus Rusan, and always short of funds and staff, the Centre managed to renovate and fit out the Museum, and to gather the databank needed to fill it with realistic and credible materials.  The Centre has a number of departments, whose activity is described below.  It has been concerned with recruiting skilled researchers, many from the younger generation, although it would have wished to employ more staff and in spite of low wages.  It has stimulated debate on important topics and unexplored territory, within the framework of symposia, seminars, workshops and round-table discussions.
The prestige of the International Centre for Studies into Communism, which is headed by Romulus Rusan, has been confirmed by the presence in the academic board of researchers of international standing.

The prestige of the International Centre of Studies about Communism, managed by Romulus Rusan is ensured by the presence in the scientific board of high standing researches, such as Vladimir Bukovski, Stephane Courtois, Thomas S. Blanton, Dennis Deletant, Helmut Muller-Enbergs, as well as of outstanding Romanian professors Şerban Papacostea and Alexandru Zub.

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