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On Europe Day we invite you to visit at the Sighet Memorial the European Heritage Label exhibition.

On Europe day we invite you to discover representative places for Europe’s history!

The photo exhibition – made by the European Commission in 2018 – presents 38 of the 60 Sites that form part of the European Heritage Label network.

The exhibition: European Heritage Label. A history of Europe in 38 testimonies, organized in collaboration with the National Heritage Institute, the national Coordinator of the European Heritage label Program, can be visited in the
inner courtyard of the Sighet Memorial.


The European Heritage label is an initiative of the European Union launched in 2011 to bring to the attention of the public and especially of the European youth the fundamental European values, the common elements of history and culture, of cultural heritage that contribute to strengthening the sense of belonging to the Union and intercultural dialog. The awarding of the label at European level takes place every two years and each member state of the Union may
submit to the European Commission two candidate sites.

In March 2018, the Memorial to the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance received the European Heritage label, being the first in Romania to which the European Union offered this distinction.
In June 2018 in Sighet took place the unveiling ceremony of the European Heritage Label plaque, the message conveyed being “ The Sighet Memorial offers a perspective on the communist repression in Europe throughout the 20th century, including the deaths and suffering caused both inside and outside the prison walls. It is included in the European Union Heritage sites list because of its important role in Europe’s history and culture. EUROPE

In May 2022, a second site in Romania received the European Heritage label: The European Danube Commission Palace in Galati.

The list of 60 sites (10 sites were added in March 2020 and 12 sites in May 2022), as well as information about the European Heritage label can be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/creative-europe/actions/heritage-label_en

New sites will be added to the European Heritage Map in 2023. The national Heritage Institute has already started the national pre-selection