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Reuniunea anuală a Platformei memoriei şi Conştiinţei Europene

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În zilele de 12-13 noiembrie a avut loc la Haga (Olanda) reuniunea anuală a conisliului membrilor Platformei Memoriei şi Conştiinţei Europene, organizaţie europeană care cuprinde peste 43 de membri, institutţii şi organizaţii din 18 state din Europa şi America de Nord.

Cu acest prilej a fost reales preşedintele organizaţiei, Goran Lindblad şi conducerea executiva a Platformei. Au fost acceptaţi ca membri ai Platformei 6 noi instituţii şi organizaţii din Europa şi Statele Unite.

Memorialul Sighet a fost reprezentat de Ioana Boca, director executiv, care a transmis şi o propunere pentru o mai bună colaborare între membriii organizaţiei.  




The Civic Academy Foundation

The Memorial to the Victims of Communism and to the Resistance

Proposal for the Council of Members meeting of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience, The Hague, November 2013

Dear Colleagues,
We propose the creation of a presentation guide to the Platform of European Memory and Conscience and its member institutions and organisations. 
We believe that such a guide would be of use in helping us to gain a better understanding of our partners and also in promoting the Platform. 
Fuller information about the projects of each member institution – publications, conferences, travelling exhibitions – would result in better co-operation between us, as well as exchanges of ideas. Likewise, it would allow the organisation of joint projects, for example the hosting of partners’ travelling exhibitions and collaboration on the projects we submit to European programmes such as Europe For Citizens. Action 4: Active Memory of Europe
Such a guide might include the following information about each organisation:
· The year it was founded
· A short presentation
· Profile
· Whether it is an ONG or state institution
· Structure
· Collections (in the case of archives)
· Number of visitors (in the case of museums)
· Travelling exhibitions
· Projects in the foregoing year
· Publications
· Conferences
· Summer schools
· Other useful information
We would accept the rôle of co-ordinating the collection of all this information and of publishing the guide, a copy of which would be sent to each partner in electronic format. Depending on the funds available from the Platform, a large number of copies could also be printed for distribution to the wider public.