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Sighet Summer School: 2nd Edition, 1999

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Şcoala de vară 1999

The Summer School was more succesful the second time it ran, between 28 June and 8 July 1999, when in order to select the students the Civic Academy Foundation organized a contest on an inticing subject: “What do I know about the communist years?”. 300 pupils from Romania, Moldova and Ukraine competed for only 100 places. Fortunately, it was also possible for pupils from outside the borders of Romania to participate: The newspapers from Chisinau and Cernauti published the announcement from “Romania Libera” and “22”, thus the meeting of the teenagers from three countries was a “living image of Romania in its ethnical integrality” as Adrian Marino will be writing later. The Rector of the Summer School this year, as in the following was the British historian Dennis Deletant, and among the high standing invitees there were: Mircea Carp (München), Petre Diaconu (Bucharest), Liviu Tarau si Virgil Tarau (Cluj) Gh. Iancu (Cluj), Gh. Cipaianu (Cluj), Serban Radulescu Zoner (Bucharest), Alexandru Zub (Iasi), Paul Michelson (Huntington, SUA), Ernest Latham jr.(Washington D.C.), Anatol Petrencu (Chisinau), Ulrich Burger (Berlin), Aurel Pentelescu (Bucuresti) Dumitru Sandru (Iasi), Cornel Nicoara (Iasi), Marius Oprea (Bucharest) Romulus Rusan (Bucharest), Ana Blandiana (Bucharest), as well as former political prisoners Aurel Visovan, Gheorghe Bulacu, Vasile Tivadar, Ion Ilban din Sighet and Gheorghe Andreica from Constanta.

The discussions, extremely open, passionate and even polemic between the pupils and their teachers created a “Sighet style” that continued over the three following editions.