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Sighet Summer School: 6th Edition, 2003

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Şcoala de vară 2003

Between 7th and 15th of July, the “Civic Academy” Foundation and the International Center for Studies on Communism organised at Sighet the 6th edition of the Summer School. The topics of this event, which took place in the conference room of the Memorial of Victims and Resistance to Communism, were mainly historic but also addressed to sociological studies, mentalities, culture, day-to-day life.

Among the participants were 100 adolescents from Romania and the Republic of Moldavia selected in a written contest launched in April. The average age of the 100 students is 16.5 years.

The 30 lecturers were historians, doctors, economists, journalists, political commentators, writers, and filmmakers from Romania, Germany, France, Switzerland, England, United States, Czech Republic, Poland, and Republic of Moldavia. Also, participants in the fifties anticommunist resistance in the Apuseni, Fagaras, Vrancei and Bucovinei Mountains recalled the events (Lucretia Jurj-Costescu, Ion Gavrila-Ogoranu, Gavril Vatamaniuc, Octavian Fornica). Bogdan Lis, historian, leader of the Polish Solidarity inaugurated an exhibition of objects donated by the Polish Institute to the Sighet Memorial.

The prominent historian of communism Stephane Courtois was the rector of the Summer School. Among the lecturers were the psychiatrists Ion Vianu and Alexei Masec, the commentators Christian Mititelu, Nestor Ratesh, Dan Pavel, Ioana Voicu-Arnautoiu, the writers Ana Blandiana, Romulus Rusan, Sanda Stolojan, Andrei Brezianu, Petruska Sustrova, the composer Aurel Stroe, the historians Serban Papacostea, Alexandru Zub, Serban Radulescu-Zoner, Armand Gosu, Dennis Deletant, Ulrich Burger, Helmut Mueller-Enbergs, Pavel Zacek, Pavel Buzek, the economist Matei Paun.

The book “Nu putem reusi decat impreuna” by Dan Pavel and Iulia Huiu was reviewed in a debate on recent history.