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The Sighet Memorial Exhibition Space in Bucharest

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Please note that the Sighet Memorial Exhibition Space in Bucharest is closed for renovation until the middle of 2019.
Since 9 May 2013, the Sighet Memorial has had an “ambassador” in Bucharest, namely the “Memory as a Form of Justice” permanent exhibition space at no. 66, Jean Louis Calderon Street, where a small sample of the Sighet Memorial is presented for the benefit of visitors to and residents of the capital. Whereas the Sighet Memorial was created over two decades, the idea for the Exhibition Space came into being two years ago, in the context of the intense debate about the need for a museum of communism in Romania. Many commentators did
not know or did not wish to know that such a museum already exists, in Sighet.
And since we had recently presented the summary of Sighet to the European Parliament in Brussels, in October 2011, we decided to give the exhibition a permanent home in Romania’s capital, in order to spare at least the elderly from making the exhausting 650 kilometre journey to Sighet, and at the same time in order to give schoolchildren, students and foreign tourists the opportunity to see something more than just the House of the People, which they are always shown as a sample of Romanian communism.The exhibition is open daily (from Monday to Sunday) between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., and entrance is free of charge.
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