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The Sighet Memorial virtual tours

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We invite you to make a virtual visit of the Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance, through 8 thematic tours. Each tour is a guide, taking the visitor on a journey through several rooms and spaces in the museum, with the aim of recomposing – out of fragments of exhibitions, photographs of exhibits in various cells, historical information or overall images of the former prison’s space – various representative aspects for the Romanian Communist repression.

The 8 themes suggest a transversal reading through the topics treated in detail in each dedicated space within the museum, in order to achieve a synthetic image of what the communist repression meant. Witnesses, memories, true history research must be made visible and known, so that such tragedies should never happen again. In this respect, each of the 8 themes are just as many invitations to the actual museum, to the Sighet Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance.


Virtual Tours: