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UnSettled Ideas Festival

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The first event of the unSettled Ideas Festival, organized by Freedom House Romania in partnership with the Civic Academy Foundation – Memorial to the Victims of Communism and Resistance, took place at the Sighet Memorial on September 10-13.

The project was adapted to the new conditions generated by the Covid19 epidemic, changing its period and the number of participants. The 150 young people selected since March 2020 were distributed in several series, in the first series being present at Sighet 20 participants.

The unSettled Ideas Festival takes place within the unSettled Scholarships, part of the Learning from Our Past to Build the Future project.

The project ” Learning from Our Past to Build the Future” is developed by the Freedom House Romania in partnership with the Civic Academy Foundation, the Institute for the Investigation of the Crimes of Communism and the Memory of the Romanian Exile, Geeks for Democracy, Forum Apulum, Funky Citizens, iTeach.ro and supported by Radio Free Europe and www.PressHub.ro , a network of 30 local publications in Romania.

This project is partially funded by a grant from the US State Department. The opinions, findings and conclusions presented in this project are those of the organizers and do not necessarily reflect those of the US Department of State.


More information about the project and the participants, as well as a calendar of the event can be found on the Burseleunsettled website as well as on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/burseleunsettled