Memoria ca formă de justiţie (Memory as a Form of Justice)

editor Romulus Rusan

Colecţie: Analele Sighet, Nr: 1

ISBN: 973-0-00192-8
Nr. pagini: 360
Format: 140 x 200 mm
Apariţie: 1994


The first volume of the collection, which was published following the symposium from June 10-12, 1994, organized by the Civic Alliance (in whose name Ana Blandiana had proposed the creation of the Sighet Memorial to the Council of Europe one year earlier). In addition to numerous former political prisoners and descendants thereof, historians from England, Germany, France, Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary took the floor. Noteworthy contributions on the symposium topic included studies about the anti-Communist resistance in Maramureș, the “death transports” (assassinations organized by the Securitate), the atmosphere and the mentalities in the first years after the occupation of the country and the establishment of Communism.  (language: Romanian)