Sighet Museum: Room 87 bis – Corneliu Coposu

In front of the Iuliu Maniu room there is a group of photographs on the subject of Corneliu Coposu, one of … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 70 – The Memory of Manuscripts

In the vocabulary of the communist justice system, “hostile written texts” were among the most serious corpora delicti. To be discovered … Read More

Sighet Museum: Rooms 84-87 – Iuliu Maniu, a father of democracy

On the passage to the left of the access corridor, above the Brătianu rooms, a number of rooms, subdivided by … Read More

Sighet Musueum: Room 83 – The Hungarian Revolution (1956)

This exhibition was inaugurated to mark the fifty anniversary of the anti-communist Hungarian Revolution (23 October – 4 November 1956). It … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 82 – The spring in Prague (1968) – Charta 77 (1977) – The velvet Revolution (1989)

In Czechoslovakia the communists took over the power on 25 February 1948. The same year, democrat leaders Eduard Beneš and … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 81 – The Uprisings in Berlin and Thuringia (1953)

The uprising of 16-17 June 1953, in a Berlin about to be Sovietised, extended almost instantaneously to a number of … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 80 – Freedom over the Radio Waves

Western radio stations broadcasting in Romanian made up for the premeditated lack of information whereby the Party apparatus and Securitate aimed … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 79 – Workers movements in the Jiu Valley and Braşov

Workers’ movements from the Jiu Valley (1977) and Braşov (1987) represented at their time a protest against the command economy … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 78 – „The golden era” or the communist kitsch

In contrast to the grimness of the adjacent room, this room reproduces the suffocating atmosphere of raucous festivity and the hallucinatory … Read More

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