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Works of art at the Sighet Memorial

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The idea of punctuating the more than fifty rooms of the Museum with works of art was born of a need to combine the scholarly content of the themes covered in the museum’s rooms with the suggestion of the suffering caused by repression and with the feelings stirred when one is confronted with violence and absurdity.

A number of valuable artworks complement the profile of the Memorial, endowing it with a personality that is unique among history museums.

The artworks, donated by their creators, are striking for their symbolism of the acceptance of sacrifice.

marea_neagra_ovidiu_maitec_1_500A tapestry such as “Freedom, We Love You”, by Şerbana Dragoescu, the painting “Resurrection” by Cristian Paraschiv, the bronze sculpture “The Black Sea” by Ovidiu Maitec, which is dedicated to historian Gheorghe I. Brătianu, and, overwhelmingly, the two large sculptures by Camilian Demetrescu, titled “Homage to the Political Prisoner” (one of which is subtitled “Resurrection”), lend an atmosphere that is dramatic and uplifting. omagiu_detinutului_politic_2_500

To these can be added the large-scale statuary group “Cortege of the Sacrificial Victims” by Aurel Vlad, which has become one of the emblems of the Museum.  The group is made up of eighteen human figures walking towards a wall that shuts off the horizon, just as communism barred the way to millions of human lives.  First presented in wood in 1997, the work was cast in bronze the following year and is today sited in an inner courtyard of the former prison.  It is a favourite spot where hundreds of thousands of visitors take photographs as they pass through the Memorial.