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Remembrance Day 2007

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On 17 May this year, on the Feast of the Ascension, the annual Day of Remembrance was held at the Memorial to the Victims of Communism and to the Resistance, dedicated to those who suffered in the communist prisons. At the event, there took part former political prisoners from Timisoara, Cluj, Bucharest, Brashov, Sighet, Tîrgu Mures, Pascani, Rîmnicu Sarat, and Gura Humorului. On this occasion, there were a series of debates that took as their central subject post-imprisonment trauma. These were followed by the opening of the two exhibitions. One of the exhibitions was dedicated to Professor Valer Moldovan, former Minister of Justice, who died in Sighet Prison, and the second, entitled Memories of the Gulag, presented drawings by Radu Bercea, a former political prisoner at the Canal.

On the next day, 18 May, at the edge of Strîmbu-Baiut, situated six kilometres from Lapusul Romanesc, on the main road to Cavnic, a troika cross was consecrated. The cross was erected by the Civic Academy Foundation in memory of the fighters in the Tibles Mountains, on the spot where Nicolae Pop, the group’s leader, died. Among those taking part were survivors of the resistance group: Aristina Pop, the daughter of Nicolae Pop, Vasile Tivadar, Vasile Chindris, and Ioan Mat. The religious ceremony was officiated by the parish priest from Lapus and by a priest from Dragomiresti, himself the son of a partisan priest.