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Resolution concerning the sentencing of the communism crimes

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On 23 November 2005, Romulus Rusan, the director of the International Center of Studies on Communism handed out a file of preliminary data of the Census of the concentrationary population to Mr. René van der Linden, the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, on the occasion of the meeting the latter had at the headquarters of the Information Ofice of the Council of Europe in Bucharest with representatives of civil society. Mr. Rusan asked the high European dignitary that the file be attached to the report of the Public Affaires commission of APCE on the sentencing of the communism crimes, to be soon debated in the plenum of the Assembly. The APCE president congratulated the team of the Center of studies for the labour done and confirmed that the resolution the Public Affairs Commission of APCE will be soon debated within the Assembly.

On 16 December 2005, the press announced that APCE started the debating of the report of the Foreign Affairs Commission and that the issue will also be debated within the Legal Commission. According to the announcements of the Romanian media, all Eastern European countries hold a common position in supporting the resolution that would sentence the communism crimes, except for the delegation of Russia.