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April 17, 2003, Bucharest: “Gheorghe I. Bratianu, 50 years from his death”

Masa rotundă

In 2003, half a century had passed since, in the Sighet prison, Gheorghe I. Bratianu died aged 55. Son of Ion I. C. Bratianu and Princess Maria Moruzi-Cuza, he was to become one of the great Romanian historians of the XX-th century.

On the occasion of half-century from the death of Bratianu, the Foundation “Civic Academy” and the International Center for Studies on Communism of the Memorial of Victims and Resistance to Communism organised a number of commemorative events.

Thursday, April 17th, 10:30 hours, a remembrance event was organised at the Bucharest branch at no. 13, Piata Amzei, with the participation of Ioana Bratianu, daughter of the historian, as well as of professors Neagu Djuvara, Serban Papacostea, Serban Radulescu-Zoner and the author Dinu Zamfirescu (of the “Horia Rusu” Foundation). Ana Blandiana was the meeting facilitator.

The book Gheorghe I. Bratianu – The Enigma of His Death by Maria G. Bratianu (published by Romulus Rusan and co-ordinated by Ioana Boca) was launched on the occasion of the same event, including in annex images of the rooms of the Sighet Memorial dedicated to the great historian.