Sighet Museum: Room 21 – The Communisation of the Army, Police and Justice System

The army, police, gendarmes and justice system had been apolitical institutions up until the outbreak of the Second World War. Their … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 20 – Communism versus the Monarchy

The photographs, documents and texts in this room deal with the final years of the reign of Mihai I, which saw … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 19 – 1948 – Sovietization of Romania

It was in 1948 that the communists launched their final offensive to sovietise Central and Eastern Europe. Whereas in the foregoing … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 18 – Collectivization. Resistance and repression

The transfer of agricultural property to state control was achieved by different methods and in numerous stages. On the night of … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 17 – Hard Labour

Hard labour – the use of political detainees on various building projects or in mines – was widespread in the communist … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 14 – The Security Police (Securitate) between 1948 and 1989

This is one of the first museum presentations on the organisation and operations of this institution of the communist regime in … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 13 – Repression against the Church

The strategy for destroying Romania’s Christian churches differed from case to case. The aim was the same, however: to root out … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 12 – 1945. From Yalta to Moscow

In 1945 Romania was swallowed up by the Soviet empire for the next at least two decades. The decision had been … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 11 – The Destruction of the Democratic Political Parties

By destroying the three traditional Romanian parties (National Peasant, National Liberal and Social Democrat), the Communists achieved the transition from a … Read More

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