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June 20 – 22, 1997, Sighet: Year 1947 – the curtain falls

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simpozioane_simpozion_1997_1_500The subject of 1947 in Romania and Eastern Europe was approached. Among the topics on debate: the Paris Peace Treaty of February 1947, the forced abdication of King Michael, the Romanians’ morale in 1947, the arrests of communism opponents, the trial of NPP (National Peasant Party) leaders etc. Among the foreign guests were: Tatiana Pokivilova and Tatiana Volokitina of the Moscow Institute for Slavic and Balkanic Studies, Szőke Domonkos from Hungary, Milan Resutic from Slovakia, Helmut Muller-Enbergs and Ulrich Burger from Germany, Mark Percival and Dennis Deletant from Great Britain, Roman Wyborski from Polonia, Gjergji Titani from Albania, Ernest Latham jr. from USA, along with Romanian researchers, Members of the Academy, Alexandru Zub, Serban Radulescu – Zoner, Marius Oprea, Claudiu Secasiu, Constantin Hlihor, Alexandru Osca, Ion Balan, Dorin Dobrincu, Andi Mihalache and commentators and writers such as Nicolae Balota, Laurentiu Ulici, Victor Frunza, Victor Neumann, Neagu Djuvara.