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June 19 – 21, 1998, Sighet: Year 1948 – institutionalisation of communism

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Simpozionul de la Sighet, 1998. În prezidiu: Ioan Ciupea, Virgil Tarău, Dennis Deletant, Flavia Coposu BăleşuThe topics on discussion were: creation of the sole political party, Nationalisation Acts, education reform, creation of Securitate, purging of administration and army, arrest of opponents, suppression of the Greek-Catholic Church. Crucial changes of the political system also took place in the other East European states leading (same as in Romania) to the establishment of communist regimes. Presentations were made by: Helmut Muller Enbergs, Ulrich Burger, Luzian Geier from Germany, Antonin Liehm and Pierre Vallino from France, Tatiana Pokivailova and Galina Murasko from Russia, Dennis Deletant and Mark Percival from England, Daniel M. Pennel and Ladis Kristoff from USA, Milan Resutic from Slovakia, and Anatol Petrencu from the Republic of Moldavia. Of the Romanian participating researchers we note: Alexandru Zub, Serban Radulescu-Zoner, Mircea Chiritoiu, Victor Frunza, Hary Kuller, Maria Somesan, Mircea Iosifescu, Petre Popescu-Gogan, Constandina Brezu, Stelian Mandrut, Aurel Pentelescu, Virgiliu Tarau. Same as in previous years, the scientific papers presented were backed-up with testimonies from those who suffered during the communist times.