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November 8, 2002, Bucharest: “Brasov – November 15th, 1987”

Participanţi la masa rotundă

On the 15th of November 2002, 15 years had passed from the Brasov workers’ uprising. That which today appears natural was at that time an act of great courage, an unexpected movement of solidarity between simple people, left without leaders, facing one of the most brutal dictatorships in Europe. Their social action took at the time the proportions of an unhoped for political protest. At the Centre for International Studies on Communism of the Memorial of Victims and Resistance to Communism a meeting was organised with 11 of the thousands of protesters from Brasov who gave an account of the events they went through at the time to the historians and journalists present. 11 of the protesting workers participated, namely Gheorghe Zaharia, Dan Anghel, Danut Iacob, Eugen Tudose, Florin Postolachi, Iosif Farcas, Marius Niculaescu, Mihai Macovei, Marius Boeriu, Nicuta Paraschiv, Werner Sommerauer.


The transcription of this passionate debate in the book „An autumn day, someday… (November 15, 1987)”