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Penal Registration File: Aurel Vlad

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Aurel Vlad(1875-1953)

Proponent of the Union of 1918, member of the Ruling Council, member of the Romanian National Party and then founder and leader of the Romanian Peasants’ Party, Minister of Finance, and then Minister of Religions and Arts

Arrested by the Securitate in Sibiu on 5/6 May 1950, at the age of seventy-five, he was taken to Sighet on 7 May, interned for twenty-four months, subsequently categorised in MAI Decision no. 334/1951. In spite of the fact that he died in the Sighet penitentiary on 2 July 1953, his sentence was increased to sixty months, in accordance with MAI Decision no. 559 of 6 August 1953.