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Penal Registration File: Ion Nistor

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Ion Nistor deţinutIon Nistor(1876-1962)

Historian and militant for the union of Bukowina with Romania, member of the organising committee of the National Assembly at Czernowitz, where the union with Romania was passed, as part of which he drew up the Act of Union. Professor at the universities of Vienna and Czernowitz, rector of the University of Czernowitz, university professor in Bucharest, member of the Romanian Academy (1911), director of the Library of the Romanian Academy, leader of the National Liberal Party, former minister of state, representing Bukowina, then, in succession, Minister of Public Works, of Labour, and, finally, of Religions and Arts.

Arrested on 5/6 May 1950, he was interned at Sighet for twenty-four months, later specified in MAI Decision no. 334/1951; sentence increased by sixty months, through MAI Decision no. 559/1953. Released on 5 July 1955.


Penal registration file:

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