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Penal Registration File: George Grigorovici

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George Grigorovici(1871-1950)

Founding member of the Social Democratic Party of Bukowina, member of the Austro-Hungarian parliament prior to 1918, militant for the union of Bukowina with Romania. In a speech given to the Parliament in Vienna on 22 October 1918, he declared that “the union of the Romanians is an ideal and a goal which all Romanians will always pursue, regardless of how their fate will evolve.” President of the CC of the Romanian Social Democratic Party (1936-1950)

After the establishment of the communist regime, the social democrat leaders, who had, in 1921, declared themselves against the transformation of the social democratic movement into a communist party, were arrested. George Grigorovici died in Vacaresti Prison on 18 July 1950.


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