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Penal Registration File: Iuliu Moldovan

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Iuliu Moldovan(1882-1966)

Physician, dignitary in the Ruling Council of Transylvania, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy (1920), leader of the National Peasants’ Party, former under-secretary of state at the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Welfare, director of “ASTRA” (1932-1947), university professor in Cluj, founder of the school of Public Health and Hygiene in Cluj; books on the Romanian health system

Arrested on 5/6 May 1950, he was interned at Sighet for twenty-four months, subsequently specified in MAI Decision no. 334/1951; sentence increased by sixty months, in accordance with MAI Decision no. 559/1953. Released on 5 July 1955.

Penal registration file:

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