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Penal Registration File: Silviu Dragomir

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Silviu Dragomir deţinutSiliviu Dragomir(1888-1962)

Historian, participant at and secretary of the Great National Assembly at Alba Iulia on 1 December 1918, professor at the University of Cluj, titular member of the Romanian Academy (1928), former minister of state, then minister for Minorities; books on the history of South Eastern Europe, about the links between the Romanian lands in the Middle Ages, about the 1848 Revolution in Transylvania, monograph on the leader of the latter, Avram Iancu.

Arrested on 1 July 1949, interned at Sighet in May 1950 for 24 months, later specified in MAI Decision no. 559/1953. Released in 1955, he lived in Cluj until his death, in 1962.

Penal registration file:

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