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Sighet Summer School: 9th Edition, 2006

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Deshiderea Şcolii de Vară. Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu, Ioana Boca, Ana Blandiana, Romulus Rusan, Gunter Dill

The Sighet Summer School, held between 10 and 17 July, has reached its ninth edition. More than nine hundred pupils from Romania and the Republic of Moldova and two hundred speakers from Romania, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Britain and the United States have gathered here during these nine years to engage in daring and passionate debate on the subjects of history, morals, sociology, literature, philosophy, art and civic values.

This year, there were thirty topics: history, memory and truth; communism and Islamism as forms of totalitarianism; communism as a form of colonialism; the anticommunist resistance in Romania and Bassarabia; the fiftieth anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution; the Polish Solidarity strikes; falsified elections; the 1946 student strikes in Cluj; and the Cold War.

As in previous editions, the Summer School was organised with the collaboration and financial support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and with the assistance of the Information Bureau of the Council of Europe in Bucharest.


“Gheorghe Arvunescu” Awards

The top five pupils classed in order of participation in Summer School activities:

  1. Adrian Georgescu, Ploieşti
  2. Olga Cojocaru, Chişinău
  3. Sabina Denişa Bâzgan, Dorohoi
  4. Alexandra Martin, Timişoara
  5. Mihnea Dimitrie Călin, Ploieşti


Oral History Awards

The pupils who, during the past year, have taken part in the oral history programme within the International Centre for the Study of Communism:

  1. Sandu Hanganu, Buzău
  2. Mihai Chiru, Topoloveni, Argeş
  3. Diana Bjoza, Braşov
  4. Ionela Doboş, Braşov
  5. Antonela Pană, Câmpulung-Muscel
  6. Cosmin Carbunaru, Brăila
  7. Cristina Mincu, Timişoara


“Dr Miron Costin” Awards

The top five pupils in the test of knowledge of the history presented in the Sighet Memorial:

  1. Nicu Dan, Chişinău
  2. Luiza Palade, Petroşani
  3. Ioana Bidilica-Vasilache, Ploieşti
  4. Daniel Vladut Andreiana, Bucureşti
  5. Oana Valentina Sorescu, Ploieşti