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Sighet Summer School: 8th Edition, 2005

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Oana Şipoş, elevă a Şcolii de Vară 2004

During 11 – 18 July 2005, the eigth edition of the Sighet Summer School was held. Having as theme the writing of an essay on the theme “Can corruption be considered as the most important scourge in post-communist countries ? Why ?”, the contest launched since January selected around 100 pupils for this edition, form Romania and Moldavian Republic, out of the almost 250 who sent their works. The rector of the Summer School was the renowned French historian Stephane Courtois.

History, sociology and political theory issues were debated, in the company of personalities of public and artistical life. The following personalities were among the professors : researchers Alexandru Zub (Iasi), Stephane Courtois and Pierre Hassner (Paris), Helmut Müller-Enbergs (Berlin), Tom Gallagher (Bradford), Adrian Cioroianu (Bucuresti), Ruxandra Cesereanu (Cluj).

Şcoala de vară 2005

Architect Aurelian Triscu discussed the experiences of Romanian architecture school during communism, prof. Dr. Dinu Antonescu those of medicine and Ana Blandiana, Nicolae Prelipceanu and Romulus Rusan evoked “Literary life in communism”, quoting the aberrant Party directives of 1948, 1971, 1983. Historian Ion Varta, deputy in the Kishinev Parliament, sustained the communication “Romanophobia inside Moldavia, ideological weapon of tzarist and Soviet occupation regimes”. Towards the end of the School a debate on the “Following generations” was held (evocations of sons and grandsons – Dorana Cosoveanu, Ion Filotti, Anca Lemaire, Ana Tutuianu – about arrested parents and grandparents), as well as an inciting debate: “Processing the communist past. German model, Romanian results”, to which participated Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu, Claudiu Secasiu and Helmut Muller Enbergs.


«Dr. Miron Costin » Awards

First 5 pupils classed in the Sighet Memorial history knowledge test:

1. Darau Ambrozie-Irineu, Ucea de Jos, Braşov Ana Blandiana vorbind la închiderea Şcolii de Vară ediţia 2005. Alături de ea, Stephane Courtois, rectorul Şcolii de Vară şi Ioana Boca şi Romulus Rusan

2. Dumulescu Daniela, com. Râu de Mori, Hunedoara

3. Tucudean Tudor, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj

4. Donos Victoria, com. Chistelniţa, r. Teleneşti, Republica Moldova

5. Ungureanu Iuliana, Ploieşti, Prahova


« Gheorghe Arvunescu » Awards

First 15 pupils who participated in the activities of the Summer School

1. Alexandrescu Cristina, Petroşani, Hunedoara

2. Andronache Georgeta, Oneşti, Bacău

3. Chiru Mihail, Topoloveni, Argeş

4. Cojocaru Olga, S. Saratenii Vechi, Republica Moldova

5. Constantin Mihai-Daniel, sat Fundeni, com. Zărneşti, Buzău

6. Constantin Pompiliu Nicolae, sat Fundeni, com. Zărneşti, Buzău

7. Cretu Constantin, Chişinău, Republica Moldova

8. Galeriu Alina, Bucureşti

9. Hanganu Sandu, Bistriţa

10. Ionescu Dora, Braşov

11. Lupuţiu Patricia, Bucureşti

12. Mihnea Dimitrie Călin, Ploieşti, Prahova

13. Moşneanu Mihai, Ploieşti, Prahova

14. Sipos Oana, Satu Mare, Satu Mare

15. Todoran Alexandra Maria, Slobozia, Ialomiţa


Awards for the oral history activity

Pupils who participated during the last year to the oral history program within the International Center of Studies about Communism

1. Andronache Georgeta, Oneşti, Bacău

2. Ariton Cristian, Oneşti, Bacău

3. Băicoianu Eleonora, Slobozia, Ialomiţa

4. Bjoza Diana, Braşov

5. Constantin Pompiliu Nicolae, Fundeni, Buzău

6. Cornea Ioana, Constanţa

7. Galeriu Alina, Bucureşti

8. Hanganu Sandu, Bistriţa

9. Herac Diana, Timişoara

10. Jeler Mădălina, Ocna Mureş

11. Mincu Cristina, Timişoara

12. Stanescu Trandafir Horia, Plasa, Prahova


Program of the Summer School (VIIIth edition)

Organized by Civic Academy Foundation

in collaboration and with financial support from Konrad Adenauer Foundation

with the support of Information Office of the Council of Europe in Bucharest, Service of Cooperation and Cultural Action of the French Embassy in Bucharest, Czech Center in Bucharest

Rector of the Summer School: Stéphane Courtois

Sighet, 11-18 July 2005

The courses of the Summer School will be held in the conference hall of The Memorial of the Communism Victims and of the Resistance

Sighet, 4, Corneliu Coposu st.


  • Monday, 11 July
    • Arrival of participants
    • 10.00 o’clock Guided visit of The Memorial of the Communism Victims and of the Resistance (opening of the contest)
    • 15.00 Opening of the Summer School
      Ana Blandiana, President of Civic Academy Foundation
      Stéphane Courtois, Rector of the Summer School
      Priscila Banu, representative office of “Konrad Adenauer” Foundation in Bucharest
      Mariana Niţelea, Director of the Information Office of the Council of Europe in Bucharest
      Film about The Memorial of the Communism Victims and of the Resistance
    • 16.00-17.30
      Camilian Demetrescu (Galese)
      The Christian roots of Europe
    • 18.00-19.30
      Aurelian Trişcu (Bucharest)
      Romanian architecture school


  • Tuesday, 12 July
    • 9.30-11.00
      Thierry Wolton (Paris)
      The main features of totalitarian ideologies
    • 11.30-13.00
      Maria Brãtianu (Paris)
      Romanian oil and politics
    • 16.00-17.30
      Clara Mareş (Bucharest)
      N. Steinhardt in the archives of the Security
    • 18.00-19.30
      Adrian Cioroianu (Bucharest)
      The youngsters in the communist regime. From Dej to Ceauşescu
    • 21.00 Violin concert held by Mirana Ţuţuianu


  • Wednesday, 13 July
    • 9.30-11.00
      Stéphane Courtois (Paris)
      Lenin and the invention of the totalitarian regime
    • 11.30-13.00
      Tom Gallagher (Bradford)
      Democracy and the European Union in the old and new member states
    • 15.15-15.45
      Inauguration of the hall “The spring in Prague. Charta ‘77”
      Will participate: Petruška Šuštrova, Libuše Valentová, Jiri Gruntorad, Vilma Anyzova
      Romulus Rusan presents
    • 16.00-19.00
      Petruška Šuštrova, Jiri Gruntorad, Libuše Valentová
      The issue of Czech communism and processing the past in the Czech Republic (workshop)
    • 19.00-19.30
      Inauguration of the exhibition „Prohibited writings”
      Will participate: Kevin d’Arcy, AEJ secretary. Doina Jela presents.
    • 21.00-22.00
      Film: “The apocalypse after Cioran”, directed by Gabriel Liiceanu and Sorin Iliesiu. Sorin Iliesiu presents.


  • Thursday, 14 July
    • 9.30-11.00
      Alexandru Zub (Iaşi)
      History, myth and de-mythisation in Romanian culture.
    • 11.30-13.00
      Ruxandra Cesereanu (Cluj)
      The story of an university course about the Romanian gulag
    • 16.00-17.30
      Mihai Zamfir (Bucharest)
      Left and right in the European present
    • 18.00-19.30
      Oral history workshop (facilitator Romulus Rusan)
    • 21.00-22.00
      „Adagio by Albinoni”, a show by Dan Puric
      Poetry evening in the Meditation and Prayer Space


  • Friday, 15 July
    • 9.30-11.00
      Dan Puric (Bucharest)
      The past that saves us
    • 11.30-13.00
      Pierre Hassner (Paris)
      Is totalitarianism dead?
    • 16.00-17.30
      Guided visit of The Memorial of the Communism Victims and of the Resistance (II)
      First evaluation within the contest
    • 18.00-19.30
      Ion Varta (Kishinev)
      Romanophobia inside Moldavia, ideological weapon of tzarist and Soviet occupation regimes of Bessarabia
    • 21.30-22.30
      The Bible of the poor. Symbols in Roman art and architecture.
      Evening of projections held by Camilian Demetrescu


  • Saturday, 16 July
    • 9.30-11.00
      Mircea Carp (München)
      60 years from the setting up of the communism (6 March 1945)
    • 11.30-13.00
      Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu (Bucharest), Claudiu Secaºiu (Bucharest), Helmut Mûller-Enbergs (Berlin)
      Critical processing of the communist past. German model – the Romanian results
    • 16:00-19:00
      Dorana Coşoveanu, Ion Filotti, Anca Lemaire, Ana Ţuţuianu
      The following generations (round table)
    • 20.00
      Camp fire


  • Sunday, 17 July
    • 9.30-11.00
      Dinu Antonescu (Bucharest)
      Romanian medical schools during communism
    • 11.30-13.00
      Result of the contest. Granting of the awards. Closure of the courses.
    • 16.00
      Trip on Iza Valley


  • Monday, 18 July
    Departure of participants