Sighet Musueum: Room 51 – Poetry in prison

The poetry transcribed in this room – an infinitesimal part of those thought, transmitted and memorises in the prisons of … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 50 – The Piteşti Phenomenon

Between 1949 and 1951, the destruction of society’s elites was on the verge of completion: intellectuals, diplomats, priests, officers, magistrates, the … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 49 – 1956 – The Student Movements in Romania

For the communist bloc, the year 1956 was marked by the Hungarian uprising, repressed through the brutal intervention of Soviet troops. … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 48 – Anti-communist resistance in the mountains

One of the museum’s most important rooms is dedicated to the anticommunist resistance movement in the mountains. The map of Romania … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 47 – Deportations to Bărăgan

On the night of 18 June 1951, the largest deportation in contemporary Romanian history commenced, after that carried out in January … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 46 – Article 209

  “Article 209” of the Penal Code was the “black hole” of the communist justice  system. A third of political … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 44 – “Solidarnosc”

The illustrated history of the Polish Labour Union “Solidarność”. The numerous photographic panels present the birth of the union in … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 43 – The Repression of Culture (Writers in Prison)

As the communist system became entrenched, the Party imposed a Proletkultdirection in every field. More than 8,000 titles viewed as … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 42 – Art behind Bars

The arts suffered the same restrictions and repression as literature, and artists were kept under surveillance, arrested and imprisoned whenever they … Read More

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