Sighet Museum: Room 41 – Ethnic repression

Romania’s ethnic communities also suffered considerably during the communist period. In January 1945 over 75,000 ethnic Germans, who were Romanian citizens, were … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 40 – Destruction of the Romanian Academy

As early as September 1944, the Romanian Academy was vehemently attacked in the communist press (Scînteia, România Liberă), which demanded its … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 39 – The communisation of education

By means of terror, the communist regime repressed any act of opposition. The adult generation filled the prisons and was decimated … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 38 – Dignitaries’ Room

A room dedicated to the political elite that was eradicated at Sighet. Following the Decree establishing penal servitude colonies in April … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 37 – „Black”

There was a punishment cell in each prison. Prisoners seen as recalcitrant were isolated in total darkness, chained to a ring … Read More

Sighet Museum: Rooms 25-26 – The Exhibition “A Cold War Chronology”

“From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an Iron Curtain has descended across the continent”. This sentence … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 23 – The countries of Eastern Europe (1945-1989)

The Sighet Memorial is not dedicated solely to Sighet Prison or solely to resistance and repression in communist Romania. It also … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 22 – Basarabia in the Gulag

Bessarabia, formerly a Romanian province, part of the Russian Empire for one hundred and six years, was reunited with Romania in … Read More

Sighet Museum: Room 21 – The Communisation of the Army, Police and Justice System

The army, police, gendarmes and justice system had been apolitical institutions up until the outbreak of the Second World War. Their … Read More

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