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November 8, 2004: “Memento Gulag”

Memento Gulag. La prezidiu Vito Grasso, în primul rând Irina Boulin Ghika, Ion Vianu, Annie Bentoiu, Stephane Courtois, Darion Fertilio, Vladimir Bukovski, Armand Gosu, Ticu Dumitrescu

MEMENTO GULAG, study day for the communist repression, organised by the Italian Institute, in partnership with Civic Academy Foundation and Comitatus pro Libertatibus

Monday, 8 November 2004, at the Italian Institute, 41 Alexandru Alley


Monday, 8 November 2004, the international conference “MEMENTO GULAG – study day of communist repression” was held.

The day 7th of November day was proposed to become the day of commemoration of the Gulag’s victims by Vladimir Bukovski and the organisation “Comitatus pro Libertatibus” that he is leading, whose secretary is the Italian journalist Dario Fertilio. Last year the memorial ceremony was held on the 7 of November in Rome. This year’s edition was held in Bucharest on the 8th of November (first working day after 7th of November) and was organized by the Italian Institute, Civic Academy Foundation, The Memorial to the Victims of Communism and the Sighet-Resistance and the organization “Comitatus pro Libertatibus”.

At this debate, the special guests were Vladimir Bukovski, the famous Soviet dissident and Stephane Courtois, the author and coordinator of the “Black book of communism”.



Works opening

Ana Blandiana, President of Civic Academy Foundation

Prof. Vito Grasso, Director of the Italian Institute of Culture, Bucharest

Vladimir Bukovski, Waiting for a Nürnberg

Romulus Rusan, Chronology and geography of the gulag in Romania

Stéphane Courtois, Lenin, the founder of totalitarianism

Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu, What I wanted to achieve through the bill regarding the truth about the secret services, promoted in the Romanian Parliament in 1993-1999, what modifications have been added and how a contrary result emerged

DVD projection, The Sighet Memorial (19 minutes)

16:00 hours

Dario Fertilio, The sickle and the swastika

Dorin Dobrincu, The Romanian repression against peasants

Dr. Ion Vianu, Psychiatric houses used as instruments of repression of the political opponents

Evocation 8 November 1945



„God bless you, prison” a film by Nicolae Mãrgineanu based on the autobiographical book of Nicole Valery – Grossu

The entire program took place at the headquarters of the Italian Institute, 41, Alexandru Alley.