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Sighet Museum: Room 53 – Intelectual life in prison

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Sala 53

In this room are collected some of the object that alleviated moments of loneliness and monotony in prison. The prisoners made all these objects with their own hands, using improvised tools that were concealed during searches.
• A poetry anthology in French compiled from memory by Romanian army
officers imprisoned in Siberia, written in blackberry ink and brought into the
country in 1950 by officer Constantin Floroiu (donated by Rodica Palade)
• French-Romanian and English-Romanian dictionaries inscribed on wrapping paper
• A votive lamp carved from wood by political prisoners at Aiud (donated by Mirela Truică)
• A bone cross with the face of Christ in filigree, made by a prisoner sentenced to life, hard labour
• A chess set made in prison by Radu Rosetti.