Women ‘Enemies of the People’

Women ‘Enemies of the People’ an exhibition of the Sighet Memorial to the Victims of Communism     Curator: Virginia … Read More

The Exhibition “Black Whitsuntide: The Bărăgan Deportations”

The exhibition, opened in 25 March 2011, commemorates sixty years from the deportations from the Banat and Mehedinţi to Bărăgan in … Read More

The Exhibition “Corneliu Coposu and the Civil Society”

An exhibiton organised by the Sighet Memorial celebrating Corneliu Coposu centenary (April 2014) Itinerary: Bucharest, April 2014,Dialog Gallery of Sector … Read More

The exhibition “Memory as a Form of Justice. The Sighet Memorial”

The exhibition, realised by Romulus Rusan and a team of the International Center for Studies about Communism, was organised in partnership … Read More

The Exhibition “Between parallel mirrors: The Sighet Memorial to the Victims of Communism and the Uherské Hradište political prison

                10 November-15 December 2010, Romanian Cultural Institute, Prague         … Read More

The Exhibition “The Danube-Black Sea Canal: A Planned Cemetery”

The exhibition, which opened in 2010, on the sixtieth anniversary of the commencement of the Canal, presents the history of an … Read More

The Exhibition “The Peasantry and Communism. Requiem for the Romanian Peasant”

The exhibition was created in March 2009 to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the commencement of the forced collectivisation of agriculture … Read More

The Exhibition “The Union Generation Exterminated in the Gulag”

The exhibition presents the architects of the national unification of 1918, celebrated in Alba Iulia, Kishinev and Czernowitz, who were, almost … Read More

The Exhibition “Memory as a form of justice. The history of a museum”

The exhibition is a photographic summary of the Sighet Memorial and other Civic Academy projects. It tells the story of how … Read More

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