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The Exhibition “Memory as a form of justice. The history of a museum”

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aifs expo 1 iunieThe exhibition is a photographic summary of the Sighet Memorial and other Civic Academy projects. It tells the story of how the Civic Academy Foundation in Bucharest created and developed the world’s first Memorial to the Victims of
Communism in an abandoned and ruined prison at the northern edge of the country.
Thanks to the Memorial, Sighetul Marmaţiei has become famous throughout the world. The purpose of the exhibition is to commemorate the onerous journey of reconstructing the collective memory and to present a number of the fifty rooms and themes of the Memorial, under the heading of “Memory as a Form of Justice”.


21 September 2004, House of the Mureşeni, Braşov
22 October 2004, Gallery of “The City Helps” Foundation, Eger, Hungary
14 February 2007, Central University Library, Cluj
24 March 2007, Pogor House, Jassy
1 June 2007, Press Centre of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company, Bucharest
17 November 2007, “Maison Roumaine”, Paris
29 January 2008, Monteoru House, Bucharest
11 September 2008, Dialog Gallery of Sector 2 City Hall, Bucharest